White Rhino 9mm Clear Round Tips - 100ct

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Product Description

Ceramic tips feel cleaner, don’t get wet and soggy and start to break down, and are reusable. White Rhino clear round tips come in  a jar of 100 tips. The ceramic tip provides a more direct hit from the flame to the inhale. 

  • Jar of 100 tips
  • The ceramic is more durable than glass, provides structure, a clean taste, and catches any crumbs that might be inhaled.
  • 9MM size: These are an average filter tip size, and roughly the size of standard joint filters. 
  • These are round ceramic tips, which simply means they are straight, round tubes that are not tapered at either end. There are two spikes on the inside that act as a barrier and catch debris.

A white ceramic tip makes any joint, blunt, or cone feel premium. Dispensaries and processors can use them for their best, premium products to give them not only a classier look, but a better overall experience.


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