Vibes Organic Hemp Cubano Cones - 24ct

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Product Description

Vibes Organic Hemp Cubano cones includes 24 packs of 1 cone each with an included tip. The Cubano is crafted from organic hemp paper with no added calcium carbonate and features an all-natural gum from the Acacia tree to seal it shut. Each cone includes a built-in filter to catch any debris. 

  • 24 packs of 1 cone each with an included tip
  • Vibes Organic Hemp Rolling Papers burn slowly and evenly for an extremely enjoyable smoke. The 100% organic hemp fibers create a cone with next-level flavor.
  • This massive cone can hold up to 8 grams of flower inside and pass it around the circle. Perfect for music festivals or other large gatherings.
  • Nothing kills the vibe like a joint that burns way too fast and canoes. The organic hemp Cubano cone burns super slow and evenly, ensuring good vibes from start to finish.
  • Vibes Tips are an essential part of a Vibes joint. These help to create the perfect cone shape while catching any debris from sticking to your lips or being inhaled.

Vibes Cones provide a perfect cone shape and a slow burn for an enjoyable smoking experience!


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