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WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada

Smoke Arsenal Excise Duty Return Policy

We at Smoke Arsenal understand that as a retail store owner, you must have a lot of questions regarding the new excise tax process. Especially regarding stocking up on products. The core of our policy revolves around purchase and return of items during the transition period i.e. Oct 1 to Dec 31, 2022. 

Due to these changes, Smoke Arsenal has planned its excise policy in a way to maximize your profit and minimize your risks of being stuck with any unstamped vape products after 31st December 2022.  

Our Return and Exchange Policy

ONLY RETAIL Stores will be able to return all products under Smoke Arsenal house brands which are  Elf, IVG (I vape great), Pop Vapor, Z Pods that were purchased after 1st October 2022. 

  • All returns will require an invoice for the purchases made throughout this period. All items being returned must match the invoice from this time period.
  • The returns will be accepted on the basis of the individual SKUs that were purchased during the mentioned time period.

For e.g. if a customer bought 10 packs of pop pods grape rush during that period - they can only return 10 packs of grape rush and not any other pop pod flavors which may have been bought before 1st October 2022 or after. 

Return Process

We have extended our return period to 27th December 2022, this ensures all customers have ample time to coordinate and ship back products to us.

As we are expecting a considerable amount of returns, which will take 3-4 weeks to process, sort and issue credits.

Processing time is subject to the time of your return and the overall return volume. In the event your return is not processed within 4 weeks, get in touch with your account manager or call our customer service for an update.

Smoke Arsenal is guaranteeing returns in the most hassle-free manner to support our customers, we also want to ensure that you keep a track of your inventory levels.

Returns are only applied to regular purchase patterns. Our I.T analytics team will keep a track on buying patterns for each customer and incase of any exceptionally high volume of orders placed against a defined pattern, the system will flag the order and it will not be processed or will not be covered under this policy.

Smoke Arsenal will not accept returns in this case from the customers trying to return any unsold inventory due to an excessive amount of purchase made which does not match their usual buying trend.  

How to process a return

Customers will need to fill out the return form (click here to access the return form) Please fill out all required information, print a copy of this form and attach it with your package when sending it back to us. All questions regarding returns please email

*Please note forms with incomplete information may take longer to process or may even be rejected for credit.*

Shipping & Fees:

All shipping fees are usually paid by the customers on all returns. However Smoke Arsenal will credit an extra 2% along with the credit for products received. This is to help our customer cover the shipping costs as we do understand this is a difficult time for all.

Exchange Process:

Completing the credit process will take upto 3-4 weeks, customers will be able to use the credit against future purchase of stamped products however the option to rightaway exchange the product for stamped product is not available. 

Return Timeline:

All the returns MUST be received at our facility by 27th December 2022 to be processed, any packages received after this date, due to any kind of delays will be rejected. Anything that is received after this date will not be credited and will be destroyed at customers expense. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Returns Not Applicable:

*No returns or exchanges are not applicable to DISTRIBUTORS or BULK purchases.*

Availability of Stamped Products & Pricing:

Smoke arsenal will start offering Excise stamped products in the first and second weeks of December 2022. Starting with our house brands Elf, IVG, Pop Vapor and Z Pods. Then rolling out all other brands we carry.

New Pricing for excise stamped product will be announced in mid november. As there are a lot of changes, we will provide a full breakdown of taxes and msrp pricing.

Due to the increased demand for stamped products in the new year, a pre-order will be available on smoke arsenal website in mid November. Customers can place pre-orders for stamped products which will be available for delivery in mid December.

However we are experiencing a huge rush in pre-order inquiries, we would like to encourage our customers to place their pre-orders as soon as the form is live on our site. An email will go out to all customers to let them know that the form is live and we have started talking pre-orders.

Incase of returns on defective products with excise stamps, a new framework will be announced after further consultations with CRA and will be updated in the FAQ section on our website. 

Questions and Inquiries:

The implementation of excise tax on vaping products will be a transition into the future. As your valued partner, Smoke Arsenal is putting our full resources to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible. Please stay tuned for more updates related to the excise tax throughout the coming months.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or reach out to your account managers.



Smoke Arsenal Management