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WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada
Pop Pods - Nicotine Salt Pods now available in 20MG and 50MG

Pop Pods - Nicotine Salt Pods now available in 20MG and 50MG

Posted by Smoke Arsenal on Jun 3rd 2022

Pop Pods are the newest addition to the Pop Vapor family. If you’re a pre-filled pod system lover, then you’d definitely have to get your hands on these pop pods.

Despite being introduced recently in this industry, they are making their way to the top of the pod system food chain with their unique line of flavors and the fact that they don’t leak unlike some of the other giants in conventional pod flavors. Use it with the very own smoking device launched by Pop Vapor. It doesn’t get better than this.

Pop Pods 2%

Pop pods 2% has the nicotine strength of 20mg and each pack has 3 E-Liquid cartridges of 2.0ml capacity. Pop Pods 2% comes in 3 flavors which are -

Mighty Mint

This flavor is perfect if you are looking for something fresh & minty. Take some puffs and let the freshness flow through your body.


If you are someone who enjoys the traditional flavor of smoking then this is the one for you. Nothing gets more authentic than pop pods tobacco flavor.


This flavor is nothing but pure menthol. It will give you the clean, refreshing taste of menthol.

Pop Pods Nic-Salt 50MG 20MG Wholesale Canada

Pop Pods 5%

Pop pods 5% has nicotine strength of 50mg and each pack has 3 E-Liquid cartridges of 2.0ml capacity. Pop Pods 5% comes in 10 flavors which are –

Chilled Strawberry

Strawberry is one of the quintessential nic-salt flavor and if you are looking for one of the best, chilled strawberry by pop pods has exactly what you are looking for. Rich berry notes and the authentic strawberry adds an airy lightness.

Luscious Watermelon

No disposable pods are complete without the watermelon flavor. This fantastic flavor found its way into pop pods lineup.

Custard Craze

Just the perfect combination of vanilla and cola.

Chilled Blue Raz

This flavor is a joyous celebration of the mysterious blue raspberry flavor. People who enjoy sweeter e-juices would def love this one.

Chilled Cotton

Enjoy sweet cotton candy goodness with a cold exhale.

Creamy Strawnana

This one is the perfect combination of the two most celebrated flavors banana and strawberry. It doesn’t get creamier than this.

Blackberry Lemon

Blackberry Lemon is a flavor that’s filled with a lavish lemonade blended with a bombing blackberry flavor that will be your taste bud's newest leisure.

Creamy Peach Ice

A luscious and creamy peach blend. Perfect for adults who prefer sweeter e-juices in their vape.

Banana Ice

This leans towards sweeter fruity flavor but you can still fell the mint coolness without it overshadowing the real flavor foundation.

Grape Rush

Fruit flavors always makes for great e-juice and that’s why Pop Pods doesn’t miss its point by Grape Rush. A sweet and flavorful black flavor that you can’t miss out on.

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