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Accessories you must have for your water pipe

Accessories you must have for your water pipe

Posted by Smoke Arsenal on Jun 3rd 2022

Owning just a water pipe does not mean you are all set to be a smoker. To really enjoy your smoking sesh, requires a little bit more diligence in gathering the right tools. Don’t worry we’ve got everything that’s required when it comes to making your smoking experience the best.


Anyone who smokes know how important a grinder is. A grinder can quickly turn those herbs into a perfect smoking blend. Using a grinder is way more convenient and efficient compared to other alternatives such as ripping the herbs apart with your hands, which may result in wastage of those precious herbs.

We’ve got so many kinds of grinders to offer.

Ash Catcher

We believe ash catcher is a very important accessory for a regular water pipe smoker. Ash catcher allows you to enjoy smoother and cleaner hit. It will also help keep your bong clean by preventing ash, debris and more from dirtying your water pipe.

Glass Cleaner

Keep those precious new pieces of glass by cleaning them often. Homemade cleaning solution might seem like an inexpensive alternative but it may cause your piece to erode. We have different kind of cleaners offered by different brands, answer to all your cleaning problems.


Lighter might work perfectly for your herbs but when smoking concentrates a torch is a must. Smoke Arsenal’s torch allows you to adjust the temperature and length of the flame.

We have a large number of selection in torches.


Always go for a good quality lighter as it will save you the struggle cause by a cheap lighter.

Rolling Paper

Even though you are a regular water pipe smoker, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared in case you decide one day to smoke a joint. It’s also easier to pass around a joint when smoking with a bunch of people.

Herb Jar

A storage jar comes in handy when you have large quantities of herbs. It helps prevent from your house smelling like your stash and also provide protection from all outside elements.